STAR – the Digital Asset Management solution that lets you easily store, share and work with all your program related images and material in one place.

Having good looking images for your content is key for it to work in modern TV services. Working with images can take time though, especially if you have to chase images around different servers and internal disk shares every time your content is going onto a new service.

Having a structured way to store and manage your images and other program related assets takes away a big part of the workload and speeds up your time to market regardless of whether you are building a new OTT service or offering your content through a new distributor.

All your program related images and assets in one place

Using our STAR DAM module makes it possible to store all your program related images, documents, clips, audio files and more in one place. It is all connected to its corresponding program, series, season and episode making it easy to find what you are looking for. Previews are available for all your different file types which helps you find documents and clips that otherwise can be hard to identify only by their name.

Add metadata and keywords to your assets

Keep all your content in order by adding metadata and image captions. STAR supports multi language metadata making it easy to make your assets ready for use in a multi-language region. Add keywords for more granular indexing of your content.

Secure your assets and comply with copyright restrictions

Access to your assets can be controlled on different levels making assets only available to the person who created them, only within STAR itself or to anyone who have been given a link to an asset. For licensed content it is possible to set up date restrictions and special rights that requires authorisation through an assigned API key.

Share and collaborate in a secure way

Using STAR takes away the need to send assets over email and open file sharing services. Sharing your content in STAR is as easy as sharing your photos on your mobile phone, just select the content you want to share, tell STAR who you want to share the content with and for how long they should have access to your content and you are done. Add a password requirement for access as extra security. STAR will then manage the shared content and deny access to it after the given period has passed. Do you work with a photographer on site that wants to send you photos during the coming weeks? Just send him or her a link your Album in STAR with the right to upload content to it. All the photos will appear in the right place in STAR for your review without size restrictions and the risk of emails ending up in the wrong hands.

Edit your images straight in your browser

STAR lets you do light retouch of images straight in your browser to speed up your work. You can adjust brightness, contrast, rotate your images as well crop them to different predefined formats without the need of any special software. Make your trailers easily available Since STAR can manage all your assets it is very well suited to store trailers of your content that then becomes easily accessible for all your services. You can easily preview your trailers in STAR and any service that needs them and has access to STAR can find them using the program reference since all content in STAR is connected to its corresponding program.

All assets available through the API

Storing your assets in STAR makes it possible for authorised services to access them using STAR’s API. It further increases the use of STAR and the advantage of keeping all your assets in one central repository.