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Public Schedule

We maintain the Public Schedule XML format for metadata, broadcast events and rights in the TV and media industries.

Why Public Schedule?

The aim is to have a common open standard for exchanging information between internal systems at a broadcaster or distributor, as well as between organizations.

Some organizations using the Public Schedule format are Canal Digital, TeliaSonera, Teracom Boxer Group, Sveriges Television and TV4 in Sweden. You can find the latest version here.

Previous releases


Feel free to contact us if you have questions related to the Public Schedule format or need help implementing it in your organization.



Public Schedule was invented by a joined effort from two of the major TV channels in Sweden, TV4 and Sveriges Television. The reason behind the effort was the lack of a common standard within this area, that also would enable organizations to exchange information and adapt to new demands and changes in the way TV is consumed. It was also important that this would be kept an open standard, not proprietary to any of the founders, and that the format should evolve over time.

Seeking broad acceptance for Public Schedule is also important for enabling it as a standard. TeliaSonera, one of the major distributors in the Nordics, was an early adopter of the standard. When it was time to develop version 4 of Public Schedule, TeliaSonera took the lead, and it was also at this time June was involved as contributor.

When Teracom Boxer, one of the other major distributors in the Nordic decided to support this standard, a decision was made within the supporter group to let the Public Schedule standard be supervised by an external, independent organization, and they chose June to perform this duty.

Version history

Version 4 was released in december 2014 with a much improved structure for series, images, sports metadata and also new demands in rights management, such as network PVRs etc. It is continuously improved on by the Public Schedule group.

Version 3 was released in 2011 and had some limited support for metadata structure for episodes of series.

Version 2 was the first version that was released in 2010.

Who are we?


We have 15 years of experience in the television industry with unique knowledge of the Nordic market. We have some of the biggest Swedish TV channels and operators as our customers and we deliver VOD content to all operators in the Nordic region.

We have created everything from web and play services to distribution services and backends for authenticating against operators. We have been involved in helping a new breed of broadcasters start up and we developed one of the most advanced play services in Scandinavia.


We provide the Comet platform that is engineered specifically for the broadcast and media industries. The different modules makes it possible for TV channels and operators to get cost effective solutions based on their specific needs.

Both external parties and internal systems at broadcasters and operators can easily integrate with the Comet platform through our open APIs and we are actively working to take industry standards such as Public Schedule even further.

Some of our clients

  • Bonnier Broadcasting
  • C More
  • ChyronHego
  • Com Hem
  • Horse & Country
  • Red Bee Media
  • MTV
  • RiksTV
  • Telia
  • Teracom Group
  • Turner
  • TV4